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Fast Track Your Building Permit

In the City of Surrey I am registered as a “Designated Designer” which allows me to prepare new home building permit drawings and submit them through this exclusive fast track program. This ensures you receive your building permit in a matter of weeks rather than months. 

This service is available for homes in many of the common residential zones but currently does not apply to Comprehensive Development zones (CD). It is also only available for new properties that have not been built on before. To determine if your new home project would qualify please contact me today.


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City of Surrey – Designated Designer Program

The City of Surrey has acknowledged that a select few home designers have exhibited an intimate knowledge of the zoning bylaw and consistently provide high quality design and permit drawings. These designers have been assigned the title of “Designated Designer” and can submit permit applications through this fast track program. The permit submission is then assigned to a special queue which ensures it will be reviewed within a few weeks rather than several months. 

The fast track program is only available to common higher density residential zones such as RF-9, RF-10, RF-12, RF-13 and RF. Soon RH and RH-G will be added. This program is also only available for new homes in new subdivisions. Currently there is no plan to include RA, A-1 or CD (Comprehensive Development) zones.

how does the designated designer fast track process work?

The fast track process always starts with the development of a high quality design and permit drawing. The permit drawing will use a standardized title block which contains information specific to the zoning bylaw. A special spreadsheet is also prepared which assists the plan reviewer with all relevant information in standardized format. Once the permit application documents are prepared the Designated Designer submits the application and acts as the primary contact person for the entire process. The Building Permit is then issued to the owner of the property.