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Providing Residential Home Design and Design Consulting services in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley Area


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A Welcome Note From Angus

Thank you for visiting A. J. Muir Design Ltd. My name is Angus J. Muir and I am a residential home designer in Surrey, BC. I have 35 years of experience and have worked on projects in almost every municipality in the Lower Mainland, as well as many regions of the Interior.

I provide home design and related services for every type of residential Single Family Dwelling project. I also have extensive experience as a general contractor and framing carpenter. Unlike an architect, who typically designs shopping malls and high-rises, I focus specifically on homes. Also unlike an architect, I have hands on experience with almost every facet of home construction and design.

My approach to design is very organic. I believe every property is unique and has many aspects that need to be considered when developing a home design. A house cannot be designed without intimate knowledge of the property it will occupy.

Homes have become incredibly complex with many municipalities having codes and zoning bylaws that are vastly different and technically challenging. A home must adhere to complex restrictions while not appearing to be designed specifically to comply with regulations. Instead, a home should appear to compliment the vast array of restrictions and still suit the property and the neighborhood.

Most importantly, a home should suit the needs of the occupants to make the owner feel comfortable and proud.

Please consider A. J. Muir Design Ltd. for your next project.


Angus J. Muir

Angus J. Muir - Portrait - A.J. Muir Design