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Useful Links for Homeowners

Whether you are considering purchasing a property or building an addition on your existing home, it is always helpful to find resources that provide information about your property. Over the years I have found there is a significant amount of property information available online but you need to know the right place to look. 

I can provide an in-depth Development Potential Report for your property but sometimes you just want to do a bit of research on your own before making any major decisions. Hopefully some of the links I have provided below can assist you with researching your property and potential construction project. 


↓ Please scroll down for some useful links to online resources for your property ↓



G.I.S. and Online Maps

Most cities and municipalities have developed online maps or “Geographic Information Systems” which have a significant amount of information about properties and land. Many of these online maps have various layers that display different information and also have the ability to create in-depth reports about land parcels. Below I have provided links to online maps for many areas in the Lower Mainland.

Clicking on map links will open link in new window. Please Contact me if any links are not working.