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Permit Drawings

Whether you are planning a new home, renovation or addition, if you require a building permit then you will need to submit permit drawings. This is always part of the design process but there may be other circumstances where design and permit drawings were not developed before construction occurred. In this case you may require someone to develop permit drawings so you can get a permit for what has already been built. 

You may also have found a home plan online that you really love but realize that the drawings available for it will not meet current municipal requirements or codes. In this case it may be more feasible to have permit drawings developed for that plan with modifications made to suit local zoning and codes. 

Whatever the case may be, I can provide high quality permit drawings that assure your permit review goes smoothly and your project is easy to contract and build.


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Highest Quality permit drawings

I started learning how to draw architectural permit drawings more than 30 years ago and was taught by my father who was a home designer and journeyman carpenter. Over the years I have been a home designer, builder and also have become a journeyman carpenter. The experience I have gained from hands-on experience has been invaluable in developing my knowledge of how to provide the highest quality permit drawings. 

I have also developed an intimate knowledge of local bylaws and codes. For years I have specialized in zoning analysis to fully understand how bylaws are interpreted and applied. I have developed high quality permit drawings for almost every municipality in the Lower Mainland and can provide all the proofs and details that are unique to each municipality.

My experience as a framing carpenter have given me tremendous insight into how to develop structural design. I typically include full structural and truss design for all projects and will oversee the development of the structural engineering to ensure it is efficient and cost effective. 

Un-permitted construction

It is not uncommon for people to build small renovations or additions without a building permit. In some situations the city or municipality will be alerted and will require a permit for the construction. In this case I can provide you with drawings of the existing “as-built” construction which you can use to obtain a permit.