Prisma Lion


Renovations and Additions

Even small renovations and additions can be complex and expensive. Good planning and design is essential for a successful renovation and addition to your existing home. I have extensive experience as both a Designer and as a Builder. I can assist you with proper planning of your project and provide extensively detailed drawings to ensure your renovation and addition is feasible, functional and within your budget. 

My unique drawing format for renovations and additions ensures that your permit review goes smoothly and your contractors aren’t left scratching their heads. Don’t let your project become a “money pit” by moving forward without the proper planning and design. Contact me today to discuss how I can assist you. 


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As-Built Drawings

One of the most important things for designing a renovation or addition are good As-Built Drawings. These are the drawings of the current home before any new designing takes place. Often there are drawings of the existing home available from the City or Municipality from when the original building permit was issued. However, for older homes these records may not exist. If you cannot find any original drawings of the home it will most likely need to be measured and drawn before starting on the new design or modification. 

Often a good measuring service can provide as-built drawings of your home and supply you with digital files for designing the new addition or renovation. However, these services rarely include investigation into the structure of the home or the services and systems buried within the walls and ceilings. I can provide extensive measuring and as-built drawing services, including investigation of structure and systems, to ensure the highest level of accuracy as we move forward with the design of your renovation or addition.

Find the Contractor Who’s Right for You

If you are planning a small renovation it may be feasible to do the general contracting yourself however if the project is larger or involves an addition to the home you should considering hiring a general contractor to arrange the subtrades and oversee the work. An experienced general contractor can save you both time and money, but most importantly help you avoid frustration and headaches. 

It is a good idea to hire a general contractor before you start the design process so they can help you develop a budget and translate your ideas into cost and logistics. During the design period they can be an invaluable tool to assist with decisions for technical aspects of the project such as mechanical and heating systems. 

The most important thing to remember when selecting a general contractor is to look for someone you like and have a connection with. A general contractor should be pleasant to speak to and instill a sense of confidence. You will be dealing with this person though the entire project so developing a good relationship is key.