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Building Permit Submission

Over the years the process of applying for a Building Permit has become very complex. Submissions need to include drawings and documents from many different sources and consultants. Gone are the days when you could simply hand in an application form and architectural permit drawings. 

Although a General Contractor is typically the person who would submit for a Building Permit there are some municipalities that have such a complex process that it only makes sense for the Home Designer to submit for the permit. I have experience with many permit submissions and can assist you with this service.


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Preparing for a Building Permit Submission

The first step in preparing for a Building Permit submission is always to have high quality architectural drawings prepared by an experienced Home Designer. However, between the completion of the permit drawings and the permit submission there are still many steps. Most municipalities have a checklist that can assist you with determining what is required for a successful Building Permit submission.

Typically you will need to have the structural design certified by an engineer and usually that person will provide a separate set of drawings along with supporting documentation and forms. You may also need a truss layout if your roof will have prefabricated trusses rather than rafters. A layout would be required by both the engineer and the municipality so you would get the truss layout done first and then give it to the engineer and include it with your permit submission.

Unless your are building in a new subdivision which has a lot grading plan you will most likely need a survey to submit with your application. In most cases you would have ordered this at the beginning of the design stage and simply need to include copies with your permit submission. However, some municipalities require the survey to be current so if it is older than a certain date it may need to be re certified.

There will be other documents you need to obtain and forms you need to fill in. All municipalities have an application form and many require various other documents. As mentioned above, it is best to refer to the particular requirements of the municipality you are in by reviewing the submission checklist but it is always a good idea to have someone with experience organize your documents and submit for permit if you are easily frustrated by bureaucracy and red tape.