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New Home Design

Whether it is twelve hundred square feet or twelve thousand square feet I have the knowledge and experience to to custom design your new home. I specialize in new home design for properties with difficult zoning and unique features such as steep slopes, significant trees or odd lot shapes.

You may be an experienced builder or have never built a new home before. Whether you are very organized or looking for guidance, my unique process and approach to home design can help you develop the project that is perfectly suited to your needs. From Spec Homes to Dream Homes and everything in between. 


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New PropertiesSubdivisionsHigher Density Lots

If your property was newly created through subdivision and has never been built on you can prepare for your new home design project by gathering some critical information about your property ahead of time. Most subdivisions are designed by a Civil Engineer who determines the size and shape of the property along with the slope, grades, driveway access, etc. To design a new home on this type of property you should look for the following documents, which I can also assist you with finding;

  • Lot Grading Plan
  • Legal Subdivision Plan
  • Zoning Designation
  • Building Scheme
  • Tree Retention & Replacement Plan
  • Easements & Covenants

Old PropertiesInfill LotsAcreage

If your property is an older parcel, perhaps with an older home you would like to tear down and rebuild, or if you have a larger property such as acreage, you will most likely need to start with a topographic survey. A survey will provide the overall size and shape of the lot along with existing features, trees and grades. 

Most municipalities will require a survey of the property if a lot grading plan is not available or is outdated. There are many qualified surveying companies available in your area but please let me know if you need assistance with finding one or specifically what to ask for.

Some of the documents mentioned above may also be available and applicable to your property. For this reason it is very important to complete a Development Potential Report for your property prior to undertaking any design work. This will ensure we have all of the requirements for designing your home before we begin and will avoid costly delays during the permit review process.

Don’t Hesitate To Contact Me

If you are ready to get started with a new home design or if you are only considering the possibility and looking for some suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We can discuss your ideas and I can offer insight from the perspective of a home designer. I am always eager to hear your ideas and hopefully we can work together to develop a beautiful and unique home design.