Prisma Lion


Property Purchase Consulting

If you are considering purchasing property to build a new home, or add onto an existing home, and would like to know about the development potential for the property I can help. Before you remove subjects on the purchase of your property please call me for a free consultation

I can review the property and let you know if I see any red flags for future development and also what questions to ask the purchaser. I can also provide a brief explanation of how the zoning applies to the property and how it may affect your plans for future development.


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Some things to consider when purchasing development property

When you are considering purchasing property that you would like to develop, whether it would be a new home, addition or renovation, the first questions you usually ask are; What can I do on this property and will I be able to build what I want? Properties can have many unique features that affect the development potential. Often people are provided with incorrect information from a seller and this is only discovered when you try to develop the property.

With the complexity of today’s zoning bylaws, codes and engineering requirements it can be very difficult to know everything about a property before you purchase. This is especially true when you have a short timeline to get an accepted offer and remove subjects. Many people will do their own research at city hall but usually are relying on the selling agent to provide accurate information about the property.